Water Damage Photo Gallery

Mold growing under a water heater.

Water Heater Leak and Mold Damage

The water heater in this West Valley City home had a small leak. The drywall soaked up the water and it couldn't dry in time which allowed black mold to grow.

Broken pipe in commercial bathroom

Pipe Break in West Valley City

We were called to clean up this commercial building after they had a pipe break. Our experienced technicians began the commercial cleanup on the weekend and dried out the bathroom in time for clients to use the facilities.

New Water Heater

Water Heater - Water Damage

Most water heaters last between eight to twelve years, depending on the brand. That doesn't always mean that they are going to last that long. Here in West Valley we usually see damage because of a malfunction or because they are old. Remember to check your water heaters for leaks and replace when they get past their prime.

Water Damage Walls Showing Paint Sloughing

Paint Sloughing from Upstairs Water Damage

The paint running off the walls is a sure sign of water damage. The damage is from an upstairs toilet tank brake. There was so much water in the walls that it all had to be removed and replaced.

Basement Full of Water from Pipe Break

Flooded Basement Restoration

The basement is ofter the place to find water damage. Here we have six to eight inches of water from a pipe break. The basement had to be pumped and all the contents removed before restoration could begin.

Bathtub Leaking Through Ceiling

Bathtub Leaking Through Ceiling

What an awful event! The homeowners didn't know there was a leak until it was too late. Water came from the ceiling flooding the first floor. Check out our Before and After section to see our equipment in action.