Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Window Well Storm Damage

Window Well Maintanence

Check your window wells for damage to avoid rain water getting into your home. The damage shown here caused rain water to leak into the home. The repairs were pretty minor and a quick cleanup for our technicians.

Damaged Shingles on West Valley City Home

Shingles Lifting from Ice Dam

An Ice Dam can cause shingles to lift, as it did for this home in West Valley City. The sun can't get to the snow because of the direction the valley on the roof is facing.

Flood Cuts in Basement Room

Window Well Damage Causes Flood

The window well of this home filled up with water and broke causing a flood in the basement. It's not typical for this to happen but when it does it means calling SERVPRO. We had the place cleaned up right away dry.

Commercial Building with Flood Debris

Flood Water Debris in Commercial Building

Flood water can deposit a lot of debris from the outside. Luckily a lot of the contents in the store were raised. We covered the contents to keep them from taking on humidity and began working on the flood cleanup.

Toilet and Flood Cut from Sewage Damage

Sewage Damage in Commercial Building

This company suffered from the storm water causing a sewage backup. It happens often in older buildings, although this one had been redone a few times to look more modern. It's too bad the sewer pipes were not upgraded as well.

Storm Water Damage in West Valley City, UT Home

This home in West Valley City, UT had been damaged after a storm had caused flooding. The flood water came into the home destroying the flooring and drywall. SERVPRO of West Valley City technicians removed the damaged materials from the home.