Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Furnace Fire

Furnace Fire in Garage

The furnace in this garage malfunctioned and caused fire and smoke damage. There was a lot of content that needed to be cleaned and removed. We stored all the content, even the boat, at our facility until the job was finished.

Electrical Damage in the rafters of a West Valley City home.

Electrical Fire Damage Cleaning

This home had a a small electrical fire in the ceiling that started the rafters on fire. The fire was put out quickly and the cleanup was quick too. Once the smoke smell was out of the home we put the ceiling and insulation back.

Soot Web in a Corner

Soot Webs from Fire Damage

Soot Webs look like they could be soot covered cobwebs. They are really soot particles that have been ionized and magnetized to create a chain when the oxygen is being used up by the fire.

Burned Siding in West Valley City

Garbage Can Fire Damage

Throwing away ashes, fireworks, or cigarets in the garbage can are common ways for them to catch on fire. Even the smallest ember can cause something inside the garbage can ignite. Don't put hot items in the garbage or your home may look like this.

Smoke House Training Center

Fire Training House at SERVPRO Corporate

This house is inside the headquarters of SERVPRO Corporate. It is known as the "Smoke House" because it is used as the Fire Cleaning Training. Each training cycle the house is started on fire and the technicians and owners are trained on the fire cleanup of the building.

Thanking firemen at the Utah Fire Fighter Convention

SERVPRO had the opportunity to sponsor a dinner and family night for the Utah State Firefighter Convention! It was a great way to thank the firefighters and their families for everything they do for our community. We love our first responders!