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Regular Duct Cleaning for Your Home

11/29/2021 (Permalink)

Mold in air vents Keep air ducts clean to prevent the spread of mold in your West Valley City, UT home.

If you've never taken a look at the air ducts and vents in your West Valley City, UT, home before, there's a very good chance that you won't like what you find. A lot of air moves through the ducts, and it may carry dirt, germs, insects, dust, and other contaminants. During seasons of humidity, moisture also gets into the ducts, increasing the risk of mold growth. Routine duct cleaning is important for many reasons. Make an appointment if you've noticed:

  • Visible mold growth
  • Evidence of rodents or insects
  • Reduction of airflow through vents
  • Musty smell from the vents

Don't wait for serious trouble before getting your dirty ducts cleaned. Prevention is a simple but sure home care solution.

4 Benefits of Regular Commercial Duct Cleaning

The air ducts draw air into your property and then circulate through all the rooms of the home. This means that any dust, dirt, mold, insects, and mites in the vents are also circulating through the air. Professional duct cleaning is a good way to improve air quality.

1. Get Rid of Insects and Pollutants

In one year, about 40 pounds of dust build up in an average home. That buildup contains dust mites and chemicals which can be hard on the welfare of the building. Commercial cleaning crews use powerful vacuums to remove and contain dust, mites, and other debris from the vents and the rest of the ventilation system.

2. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Many things impact the comfort and indoor environment of your home. These factors include inconsistent temperature, low air circulation, and clogged ventilation systems. You may have noticed that it's harder to keep up with dust removal; this is an indication that the air quality in your home has been impacted by dirty ducts.

3. Increase HVAC Efficiency

As ventilation ducts become full of dust and dirt, the path of heated and cooled air becomes smaller, decreasing the efficiency of the entire HVAC system. With that buildup removed, more air passes through the system and the HVAC equipment doesn't have to work as hard. Clean, open ducts make it easier for you to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature throughout your home.

4. Save Money on Monthly Bills and Equipment Upkeep

As property owners consider any financial investment in maintenance and upkeep, it's important they understand the value of those tasks. Keeping the ducts and vents clean results in savings on monthly utility bills and reduced repair and replacement costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, proper HVAC system maintenance substantially reduces the percent of wasted energy in the home.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Many industry experts recommend having the ducts cleaned every three to five years. Depending on the traffic through and the immediate environment surrounding your home, you may want to increase the frequency of commercial cleaning. When you decide to schedule commercial duct cleaning, be sure to choose a cleaning company that is dependable and reputable. The well-trained technicians at West Valley City, UT, SERVPRO are Here to Help and are ready to provide the high-quality results you expect. There's no reason to delay your improved comfort and the financial savings of professional duct and ventilation cleaning.

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