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Commercial Business Water Damage in West Valley City

When this company gave us a call they made the damage sound a lot worse than it was. We understand that any water damage seems like a lot to a business owner. W... READ MORE

Commercial Vandalism Cleaning in West Valley City

West Valley City has a vandalism problem. Many businesses are vandalized daily. Businesses need to have vandalism cleaned quickly before more gang tagging is ad... READ MORE

What do I do if there is a flood in the middle of the night?

Having a flood in the middle of the night can be devastating. Let SERVPRO be there to help lessen the damage and allow you to worry about diverting clients and ... READ MORE

West Valley City, Utah Disaster Cleanup

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When do you need to call a Commercial Restoration Company?

In most cases a commercial company can use their janitorial staff to clean up any small water damage loses. Using a few fans and a moisture meter can go a long ... READ MORE

Church is Flooded by Broken Pipe

Broken Pipe Floods Church in West Valley City When there is a lot of water in a commercial building it's important to use the right equipment. A desiccant is a ... READ MORE