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The Content Cleaning Process for Your Flooded Company

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe leaking Water Knowing more about Content Cleaning Process can be very useful if you experience Water Damage in your property.

Water damage on your flooded company property in West Valley City, UT, requires a large amount of cleanup, and content care and restoration make up a big part of those efforts. A quick, thorough response is the best way to get back to your normal activities with limited interruption to business. Professional restoration teams provide this response in five steps:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Water removal
  • Thorough drying out
  • Cleaning and sanitization
  • Repairs and restoration

Although the specifics may vary from one part of the country to another, the broad steps are pretty standard. You can see how this process is carried out for the contents of your property.

Content Cleaning and Restoration for Your Flooded Company

One of the most important parts of the inspection step is ascertaining the level of contamination to your belongings. There are three types of water contaminations:

Category 1: Mostly clean and from a sanitary source

Category 2: Gray water with some contaminants, such as detergent

Category 3: Black water with hazardous contaminants, such as organic matter or chemicals

Once this assessment is complete, restoration professionals determine the best methods to dry, clean, and repair your possessions.

Water Removal Techniques

Water removal technicians use a variety of techniques. The methods used for removing excess water from carpets and other fabric furnishings are not the same as those used when handling electronics. The good news is that with proper handling many belongings can be cleaned and restored to their original condition.

It's important to understand that water and electricity is a dangerous combination that presents many safety hazards. In addition to making sure that the power to your property has been shut off, remove batteries from any items that have them.

Complete Drying of Contents

Thoroughly drying the contents in your flooded company property is much more complicated than simply removing surface water. Once your building has been prepared to control humidity, airflow, and temperature, technicians can get to work on the contents of your offices and other rooms. The many components in appliances, computers, and furnishings must be handled delicately and professionally. Waterlogged books and paper files may require freeze-drying, for instance.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Cleaning and sanitizing efforts include both wet and dry cleaning methods. Professionals use specialized sprays and foams, abrasives, and immersion baths to clean your belongings without causing further damage. Cleanup crews may apply antimicrobial, antibacterial, and other disinfectants to prevent contamination. Some belongings may also require treatment for odor removal.

Repairs and Restoration

Repairing the contents of your property is a more cost-effective method than replacing all of your belongings. As much as possible, professionals will save carpeting, appliances, and valuables. In some cases, contents will be moved to other locations for treatment while some of your belongings can be treated on-site.

It's important that each of these steps is carried out thoroughly and in order for efficient and thorough results. A single broken pipe can quickly pump many gallons of water into your property. The sooner professionals address the damage to your flooded company, the better you can avoid the most costly repairs.

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